Beautiful Scenery at Spirit Mountain – The  Chin-Nan Temple

 The Chin-Nan Temple, also known as Xiangong (Immortal Grandfather) Temple, is situated in a centre of culture located in the Zhinan mountain just east of Muzha in Wenshan District. Chin-Nan Temple compound covers about 80 hectares in total, spreading out over the vast mountainside. The temple honours Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism. The four principal halls, along with five secondary halls, hallways, sidewalks and corridors, and pavilions among flowers and trees as well as small decorative fountains, little stone mountains form the beautiful landscape.

In the 8th year of Emperor Guangxu, Qing Dynasty, when the County Magistrate of Danshui Wang Bin-lin was coming to Taiwan to take up his appointment, he invited the establishment of Patriarch Lu’s holy spirit to be worshipped in Taiwan. Initially, He was worshipped at Yu Qing Shrine in Wanhua District (formerly known as Bangka). When many people living in Jingmei Street died of infectious diseases, local noblemen relocated the statue of Patriarch Lu to this community and the infections were eliminated.

  As a form of thanksgiving to the blessings of Patriarch Lu, the local noblemen, therefore, successfully convinced a landlord Liu, who miraculously recovered from the infectious disease, to donate his private land for the building of a temple to worship Patriarch Lu. It was renamed the “Chin-Nan Temple”, referring to Patriarch Lu who resides at the Southern Palace in Heaven where a compass is needed to guide the people and save the world. In 16th year of Emperor Guangxu, Qing Dynasty, a thatched temple was initially constructed on a small piece of land. As the miracles of Patriarch Lu touched more people, as well as the conscientious effort of successive temple managers, the temple compound expanded with donations from the devotees.

  This achievement is especially true for the incumbent chairman of committee, Mr. Kao Chung-hsin, who has been dedicating himself to the construction work of Chin-Nan Temple for over sixty years of the 120 year period of construction. He was initially hired as a basic-level worker, but because of his sincere and responsible attitude along with his pioneering spirit he received praises from every committee member and chairman and was gradually promoted. He is now appointed as a chairman of management committee for over forty years and is in charge of all development projects, construction works and management of Chin-Nan Temple. During the period of 1963 to 1966, the construction of Lingxiao Hall was completed with a floor area of over 2,360 pings and is the tallest hall structure of Chin-Nan Temple. From 1973 to 1984, a 7-floor high temple – the Main Hall (Daxiong Baodian) was built with a floor space of more than 2,570 pings. From 1991 to 2000, the renovation work for the principal hall - Chungyang Baodian, was completed keeping the original appearance and foundation preserved, but used reinforced concrete instead to replace the original wooden beams and columns.

  Chairman Kao, aged 60, who has been committed to such an important task for forty years, tirelessly dedicates himself to the reconstruction works of the temple with reverence and awe, and hence, creating a magnificent atmosphere for Chin-Nan Temple today. All of this dedication and work has helped place Chin-Nan Temple at an indispensable position in the history of Taoism in Taiwan.

Address:No.115, Wanshou Rd., Wenshan Dist., Taipei City 116, Taiwan (R.O.C.)